[Thanks to Jonathan Ford, Secretary of the Athenæum Club, for generously sharing John Kenworthy-Browne's work with the readers of the Victorian Web. George P. Landow adapted A Temple of British Worthies for the Web.]

26th January 1830.

[Among the presents received:] J H Burke Esq, A Cast from the Bust of the late Edmund Burke Esqre.

23rd February 1830.

[A letter has been received] from the Secretary of the Royal Academy acceding to the request of this committee to permit a cast to be taken of the Demosthenes and Bust of Sir J Reynolds in its possession…..

27th February 1830

Mr Locker communicated to the Committee the willingness of the Dean and Chapter of St Paul’s to permit a cast to be taken from the Bust of Sir C Wren in their possession. Ordered that Mr Sarti be employed to take casts of this Bust and that of Sir J Reynolds in the possession of the Royal Academy, but that he be not allowed to retain the moulds for his own use.

Tuesday 7th May 1833.

Ordered Two Book cases one on each side the Map Room door in the Great Room - …. – A Square Plinth three inches high to be affixed to the Book cases in the Great Room for the reception of the busts taken from the Brackets – Two Brackets to be placed one on each side the looking Glass in the Great Room. The busts to be disposed as follows

Book Cases near the Library                               Pope, Locke
"       "       "       the Map Room Library                  Johnson, Burke
Brackets on each side the Center Glass            Wren Reynolds
On the Mantel Pieces at the end of the Room   Bacon. Newton
Centre                                                                        Shakespeare & Milton Garrick, Harvey, Mansfield, Flaxman

p 52. 5 December 1845.

Ordered that the two Brackets hitherto placed North & South of the Western Fire Place of the Great Room be put on each side of the Fire Place in the Morning Room.

p 58. 16 December 1845.

Ordered that the six Brackets for holding Busts 4 of which presented to the Royal Institution in removing them from the Great Room at the time of the repairs in 1836 had been returned to be placed in the Hall in the Situations proposed” by the Architect With Four on each side of the two Fire Places and two at the West End of the Hall.

p 69 2 January 1846. Ordered that Casts from the Bas Reliefs” by Thorvaldsen Morning and Night be placed over the False Doors right and left of the Stair-case in the Western side of the Hall.

p 72. Tuesday 6 January 1846. Ordered that the Busts be disposed as follow

The Hall                                Milton, Newton, Bacon, Wren, Shakespeare and Reynolds on Brackets

The Morning Room            Johnson, Dryden (sic) & Pope on Brackets

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