The author’s thanks go to Jennie De Protani, archivist at the Athenæum, whose knowledge, energy and patience have made this study possible; to Andrew Wilton, who kindly read the draft and suggested corrections and improvements;to Michael Hockney for editing and laying out this Athenæum Pamphlet and to Jonathan Ford, Secretary of the Club, for overseeing the photography and the production of this pamphlet. Also to the following: Simon Carter, Collections Manager, St Paul’s Cathedral Chapter, London; Sir Edward Dashwood, Bart, West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire; Rachel Hewitt, Collections Manager, Royal Academy; Jonathan Marsden, Director of the Royal Collection; Sandy Paul, Sub-Librarian at Trinity College, Cambridge; Dr Norma Potter, Librarian at All Souls’ College, Oxford; Marcus Risdell, Librarian at the Garrick; The National Trust staff at Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire.

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