Lt. Col William Martin Leake (1777-1860)

Lt. Col William Martin Leake (1777-1860)

William Behnes (?1791 - 1864)



Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Lt. Col William Martin Leake (1777-1860), better known simply as Colonel Leake, was trained at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich and was dispatched on various military missions — to Anatolia, the Holy Land, Egypt, Greece and so on — facing various hazards. For example, he was sailing on the Mentor with a consignment of Lord Elgin's marbles when it sank in 1802: forty-four of Elgin's cases were salvaged but most of the materials that Leake himself had collected were lost (see Checkland 56, though Leake himself gets no mention here).

Photograph and text by Jacqueline Banerjee 2010

With thanks to the Fitzwilliam for permission to photograph outside the collection rooms