Adonis and the Boar by John Carew (c.1782-1868), with a close-up of the boar. 1823-26. Marble. 2180 mm (Height); 1260 mm (Length). North Gallery, Petworth House, Sussex. The reviewer in the Fine Arts section of the New Monthly magazine was most impressed by the boar ("The head, and particularly the mouth and nostrils of the boar, are life itself"), but felt that Adonis was "too quiet, too passive" for one involved in a life-and-death struggle. The proportions too were found lacking, specifically "the length of the arm which is raised to give the blow with the broken spear" (208). Although the boar is indeed impressive, it is hard to disagree with these last two criticisms.

Text and photographs by Jacqueline Banerjee, the latter reproduced here by kind permission of the National Trust (no. 486404). [Click on the images to enlarge them.]

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