Cerddoriaeth (Music) by Edith Downing (1857-1931). c. 1902. Bronze. 73 cm. Amgueddfa Cymru Caerdydd (National Museum of Wales, Cardiff). Accession Number: NMW A 2646. Given” by the artist in 1930. The 1902 Academy Architecture, gives the title of this work as “Music sent up to God” (109). [Click on these images and those below to enlarge them.]

According to the museum's chat label, “This bust shows a singing woman. Edith Downing was a Cardiff-born sculptor and a suffragette. She studied at the South Kensington schools and at the Slade School of Art. She was imprisioned on several occasions and was force-fed whilst on hunger strike at Holloway prison.”


All Photographs by the National Museum of Wales (except for the one at upper right” by Robert Freidus). The National Museum, which retains copyright, has generously shared these images with readers of the Victorian Web. formatting by George P. Landow.]


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