Founded by Alexander Morton (1844-1923) originally selling muslins produced in weaver's homes. Their output quickly expanded to include chenilles, woollen fabrics and three-ply carpeting after opening a factory in 1881. During the 1890s the company had begun producing the double cloths that they became renowned for. Morton visited Ireland in 1896, and in response to the poverty and high unemployment he opened a series of factories in Donegal producing hand knotted carpets which became very fashionable.

The firm bought designs from most of the leading designers of the Arts & Crafts movement including Voysey and Butterfield, Day, Mauson, Napper, the Silver Studio, Brangwyn and Baillie Scott amongst others. Morton & Co. supplied all the major British shops including Liberty & Co. and Wylie & Lochead. Printed fabrics produced from 1905 were transferred to a new company Morton Sundour Fabrics the following year. The firm were praised for their profit sharing scheme for all employees. [Arts & Crafts Textiles in Britain.]


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