The 1910-12 "Centenary" thirty-six volume edition published jointly by Chapman and Hall, London, and Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, was intended to mark the centenary of Charles Dickens's birth. It was illustrated by such new hands as Marcus Stone, J. Mahony, Fred Walker, F. A. Fraser, Harry French, Townley Green, and Charles Green, the engraving work having been executed by E. G. Dalziel. — Philip V. Allingham

The eight following illustrations by Stone and Mahoney are notable because they so clearly show the influence of the new, less cluttered, more classical style of drawing introduced by John Everett Millais and W. Holman Hunt in the Moxon TennysonGeorge P. Landow.

1. "Alfred in the Neatherd's Cottage," by Marcus Stone.

2. "The Finding of the Body of Rufus," by J. Mahoney

3. "Arthur and Hubert," by Marcus Stone.

4."The Intercession of Queen Philippa for the Citizens of Calais," by J. Mahoney

5. "Joan of Arc Tending Her Flock," by Marcus Stone

6. "Queen Margaret and the Robber," by J. Mahoney

7. "Lady Jane Grey Watching the Body of Her Husband Being Carried Past the Window after Execution," by Marcus Stone

8. "Charles I. Taking Leave of His Children," by J. Mahoney

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