Anglican Window, by C. E. Kempe & Co., another memorial window in the nave of All Saints, Cambridge, towards the west. This celebrates three Anglicans associated with Cambridge and known for their saintliness, starting on the left with the early seventeenth-century poet George Herbert, whose church in Bemerton, Wiltshire, is featured on the left below. Then comes (in the centre) the Victorian Bishop Foss Westcott (1825-1901), who became Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, and was one of the "Higher Critics" in Biblical scholarship, but when appointed to Durham proved to be a great help in improving relations between the miners and the mine-owners, and an able reformer as well. He is shown, naturally enough, with a representation of his cathedral, as seen below. On the right (seen closer up) is the missionary Rev. Henry Martyn, who is shown with St John's College, from which he went forth as a missionary to India and Persia, dying in Turkey of TB, on the way to Constantinople in 1812. His is the most interesting representation here, showing the kind of exotic scene that he encountered (far right below). Incidentally, he was a friend of the Evangelical children's author, Mrs Sherwood.

Left to right: (a) George Herbert's church at Bemerton. (b) Bishop Westcott as conciliator. (c) Henry Martyn teaching the Bible in exotic lands (in native garb, too).

The church guide tells us that this interesting window of 1923 was installed in memory of three former vicars of All Saints: H. M. Luckock (1862-63 and 1865-75); C. B. Drake (1875-81) and C. L. Acland (1892-1903). Kempe himself had died in 1907, and this window is in an entirely different and more modern style. It was designed by John Lisle, chief designer of the company under the chairmanship of Kempe's cousin, W. E. Tower. Note the tower superimposed on Kempe's wheatsheaf logo in the corner of the window as the later "signature" of the firm.

Photographs kindly contributed by Adrian Powter, who retains the copyright. Text and formatting by Jacqueline Banerjee. [Click on the images to enlarge them.]

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Created 5 April 2018