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Biographical Materials

Theme and subject

Symbol, image, and motif

Selected Works

The Bible, the best book. N.Y. American Tract Society, [185-].

The Burying-ground. N.Y. American Tract Society, [185-].

Conformity. N.Y. M.W. Dodd, Brick Church Chapel, opposite the City Hall., 1842.

Izram, a Mexican Tale. N.Y. Scribner's, 1846.

Judah's Lion. 1843. London: Seeley, Burnside, and Seeley, 1847.

Letters from Ireland, MDCCCXXXVII. N.Y.: J. D. Taylor, 1843.

The Newfoundland fisherman: a true story. N.Y. American Tract Society, [18--].

Personal Recollections. 1841. London: R. B. Seeley & W. Burnside, 1841.

Posthumous and other poems. N.Y. M.W. Dodd, 1847.

The Perils of the Nation: An Appeal to the Legislature, The Clergy, and the Higher and Middle Classes. 1843. London: Seeley, Burnside and Seeley, 1843.

Ridley, Latimer, Cranmer, and other English martyrs. By Charlotte Elizabeth, [pseud] Selected from [Foxe's] "English martyrology;" for the use of Sabbath schools. N.Y.: J. D. Taylor, 1844.

The system: a tale of the West Indies. London: Frederick Westley, and A.H. Davis, 1827.

Themes and Contexts


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