I regret that I am unable to provide information about the value of Victorian books, paintings, and prints, but I can say that most American editions of Victorian authors, such as Ruskin and Dickens, have little, if any, commercial value.


If you have something you believe rare and valuable, contact a reputable antiquarian book dealer after consulting standard library references, such as records of current prices of books at auction. The Reference Librarian at your local library should be able to help you find Book Prices Current and similar works. Remember, however, that booksellers, who may have to hold on to a book for years before being able to sell it — all the while paying business and living expenses — will seldom pay much more than 25% or 30% of a book's current retail price.

Visual Arts (painting, drawings, graphics) and Decorative Arts (ceramics, glass, furniture, jewelry, and so on)

If you have a work of visual art, consult a reputable gallery or a major auction house that regularly handles works of this period. Museums might be willing to provide information about either a work of art or an artist, but nowadays, when people sue at the drop of a hat, most institutions have rules forbidding them to discuss value.

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21 December 2002