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British and American periodicals covered by Répertoire International de la Presse Musicale (RIPM)

Full-text 35mm microfilm and RIPM hardbound indexes to each tide available from UMI (

  • The Quarterly Musical Magazine and Review
  • The Harmonicon
  • The Musical Examiner
  • The Musical Tunes
  • The Musical Standard
  • Musical World
  • Musical Journal
  • Musical Directory
  • Monthly Musical Record
  • Musical Opinion
  • Dwight's Journal of Music
  • The Message Bird
  • The New York Musical World
  • The Musical Gazette (1856-59) and The Lute (1883-99) are included m British Periodicals in the Creative Arts (UMI Microfilm Collection).

    Databases and the Internet

    [Offsite links open in a new window.]

    Concert Use in Nineteenth- Century London Database Project (Simon McVeigh, Christine Bashford, and Rachel Cowgill), an inter-university project linking Goldsmiths College, London with Oxford Brookes University and the University of Huddersfield. For information on its methodology and rationale, see Christina Bashford, 'Introducing the Concert Life in 19th-century London Database', Brio 36.2: (1999) 111-16. The website:

    Gilbert and Sullivan Archive (Boise State University, Idaho):

    Public Domain Music (Benjamin Tubb), a site containing songs (with sound files) by 19th-century popular composers. The website:

    Women Song Composers: A Listing of Songs Published in the United States and England, c. 1890—1930 (compiled by Christopher Reynolds, Department of Music, University of California, Davis); a searchable database containing 5116 songs (and song sets and cycles) by 515 women composers active in North America and England. The information in the bibliography includes tide, composer, poet, publisher, date and city of publication, and (for some of the songs) also serial number. The database can be accessed at:

    Catalogues, Dictionaries, and Indexes

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