Charles Allston Collins. Berengaria's Alarm for the safety of her husband, Richard Coeur de Lion, awakened by the sight of his girdle for sale at Rome (The Pedlar). 1850. Oil on canvas, 39 7/8 x 42 inches. Manchester City Art Galleries 1896.1; purchased from Harry H. Martyne, 1896. Click on image to enlarge it.

According to the ArtUK website, “Berengaria and two ladies-in-waiting pictured in a large medieval hall, tapestries hanging from the walls, there is a large table in the centre of the room on which Berengaria lays her embroidery. There are archways behind revealing gardens and hedges. An old man kneels on the floor to the left showing his wares to the ladies, holding up an elaborate belt which Berengaria recognises as that of Richard Coeur de Lion. She is standing, leaning over the table, wide eyed at the sight of it, her ladies-in-waiting behind. In the garden, a young servant boy waits with a pedlar's donkey. Exaggerated perspective is given by the tiled floor.”

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