A Note on this index

Sometime around 1980 Professor William E. Fredeman, the great Pre-Raphaelite scholar, bibliographer, editor, and collector, gave me a photocopy of a typed index to Hunt's volumes that someone had given him. He did not know who had compiled it, and I have not been able to discover anything about its origins.

If any book demands an index, it is Hunt's memoirs, since this valuable source of the artist's version of the history of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and of his own career has a very odd structure that derives from its history as a series of magazine articles. The artist ranges backward and forward across his long career, and without an index — which, unfortunately, I received only after completing my book on Hunt (it would have saved me hours of work!) — one finds oneself forced to spend much time and energy trying to locate crucial passages. Therefore, anyone interested in Hunt and the PRB should give thanks to the unknown compiler, to the late-Professor Fredeman, and to Carrie Watterson, who kindly transcribed it when it proved unsuited for scanning.

Thus far I have translated the index into html for the Web, made some corrections, identified some of those listed, and added a few links. I plan, where possible, to add dates to each person's name and to create links to various illustrations or quoted passages from Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood already in the Victorian web. Please send your corrections, suggestions, and links to me at george at landow.com (replace "at" by "@").

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Abercrombie, Sir Ralph, II, 76.

Acland, Dr. Henry, I, 312, 325; II, 86, 158-9.

Acland, Mrs. Henry, II, 86.

Adam, Robert (1728-92), I, 324.

Adams (sculptor, poss. George Gamon Adams or John Adams-Aacton): Wellington, II, 232.

Addison, Joseph (1672-1719)10, II, 122, 228-9, 464.

Agnew, Mr., I, 362.

Agnew, Sir William, II, 368, 410.

Ainsworth, Wm. Harrison (1805-82): Old St. Paul's, I, 23.

Airlie, Lord, II, 149.

Albert, H.R.H. Prince (1819-61), I, 43; II, 193, 224.

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII; 1841-1910), II, 242-4, 335.

Alexandra, Princess (1844-1925), II, 242-4, 335.

Alfred, King, I (849-99), 159.

Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence (1836-1912), II, 247.

Anderson, Mr., I, 26.

Anthony, Mark, I, 292; II, 89-90.

Appleton, Mr., II, 396.

Argyll, Duke of (George John Douglas; 1823-1900), II, 149.

Argyll, Duchess of, II, 191, 245-6.

Armstead, [Henry Hugh], I, 44.

Armstrong, Walter, II, 423.

Arnold, Sir Edwin (1832-1904): The Light of the World, II, 380.

Aspinal, James, I, 237.

Last modified December 2001