[The materials that provided the beginnings of the Victorian Web ultimately derive from Context 32 the Intermedia web that provided contextual information for English 32, "Survey of English literature from 1700 to the Present." Context 32 was begun in Spring 1986 as part of Brown University's now-defunct Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship (IRIS) Intermedia project, which IBM, Apple Computers, the Annenberg/CPB Project, and other sources funded.

When I last taught the Brown survey course in 1998, I translated into HTML the old Intemedia materials on selected neoclassical and romantic authors, most of which had been created by David Cody, now Associate Professor of English at Hartwick College, and Glenn Everett, now Associate Professor of English at the University of Tennessee, Martin. When I took leave from Brown to be the first Director and then Dean of the University Scholars Programme at the Natonal University of Singapore, I left the old Context 32 materials online so other Brown faculty and students could use them, but when no instructors did, I decided to take them down, since I am unable to manage yet another large website, and the materials are much more basic than those in the Victorian, Postcolonial, and Cyberspace Webs. As soon as I took them down, however, several users from Germany and Italy wrote to ask for them. I have therefore decided to put the materials on early authors back online within VW itself, but I do not plan to add to them, though some of my contributors have sent in additional materials. GPL]

Originally created 1987

Incorporated in the Victorian Web July 2000

Last Modified 25 April 2022