Abbreviations: A Note on Manuscript Material

THE manuscript collections listed below have been extensively consulted in the preparation of this work. They will be referred to by the following abbreviations:

AbbreviationCollection Description of materials
BM Add. MSS. British Museum Additional Manuscripts [Gladstone Collection] (followed by volume and folio number).
CUL Add. MSS. Cambridge University Library Additional Manuscripts [Acton Papers] (followed by catalogue number)
Downside MSS. Papers in the Library of Downside Abbey, collected by Cardinal Gasquet, chiefly letters of Lord Acton to Richard Simpson and T. F. Wetherell.
Manning MSS.Church of St. Mary of the Angels, Bayswater, LondonPapers of Cardinal Manning in the possession of the Oblates of St. Charles
Newman MSS.Oratory, Birmingham Papers of Cardinal Newman
Westminster Archives Archives of the Archdiocese of Westminster MSS 1847-1865.
Woodruff MSS.Mr. Douglas Woodruff Correspondence of Lord Acton Includes that wiith with J. J. I. von Döllinger, being edited for publication by Abbé Victor Conzemius; my translation from the German.

Last modified 15 September 2001