1795Born 13 June, Isle of Wight
1801Father (William) dies
1803Sent to Warminster School
1806Brother William dies
1807Attends Winchester
1811Elected Scholar, Corpus Christi College, Oxford
1814Earns First Class degree
1815Elected Fellow, Oriel College, Oxford
1817Wins Chancelor's Prize for Essay
1818December, ordained Deacon
1819Settles at Laleham, near Staines
182011 August, marries Mary Penrose
Brother Matthew dies
1822Son Matthew born
1827Tours Italy
December, elected Headmaster, Rugby School
1828Publishes first volume of sermons
April, takes Bachelor of Divinity degree
June, receives Priest's orders
November, takes Doctor of Divinity degree
1832Sister Susannah died
1833Principles of Church Reform
1838History of Rome
1841Christian Life

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