Beatrice. John Hancock (c. 1825-69). After 1861. Bronze. Private collection. [Click on images to enlarge them.]

In 1862 Hancock showed a marble bust of Beatrice at the Royal Academy (no. 1054). The bronze bust, dated 1861 and cast by Elkington, is identical to this version. A plaster version of the bust, as well as Hancock’s full-size plaster cast of Beatrice, can be seen in an undated photograph of Hancock’s studio that is reproduced in Read and Barnes (71). Elkington, Mason & Co. existed from 1842-1861 and then became Elkington & Co. from 1862-1886. The bronze version of the bust must therefore have been cast later than 1861 despite the date on the work that may relate to when Hancock first modelled it.

Last modified 26 April 2021