“Pulpit in St Alban's, Copenhagan,” by George Tinworth
Pulpit in St Alban's, Copenhagen,” by George Tinworth


George Tinworth (1843-1913)



St Alban's Church

Churchillparken, Copenhagen

St Alban's Anglican Church was designed by Arthur Blomfield, and the pulpit, font and reredos were presented to the church” by the Doulton Company of Lambeth. Some sources credit George Tinworth simply with "panels in the pulpit and reredos" (Bedford and Rose) or the "subjects moulded in terracotta" on these pieces ("St Alban's Church: About the Church Building"), but the tile panels in the pulpit are a relatively small part of its effect, and there are no figures here. Tinworth had been with Doulton since 1867, had his own studio there with his own assistants, and worked both as a pottery decorator and sculptor. He was particularly known for his Biblical subjects, and was "ultimately devoted to great works in terracotta" such as his celebrated "History of England" vase (Blacker 177). It is likely that he was entirely responsible for the design and execution of all three pieces. The pulpit is perhaps the most exquisitely detailed.

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