The tunneling process

The tunneling process



From An explanation of the works of the tunnel under the Thames from Rotherhithe to Wapping

Complete caption: "The divisions of the shield are advanced separately and independently of each other, by the means pointed out in the foregoing sketch: each division, as is attempted to be shewn [shown] in the annexed design, has boards in front (known by the technical name of poling boards) supported and kept in position by means of jack screws, which are lodged against the front of the iron frame; these boards are in succession taken down while the earth in front of each is excavated, the first board being always replaced before a second is removed; thus forming a constant firm buttress."

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  • View of the western archway of the Tunnel, lighted by gas
  • Plan of the Tunnel with reference to the main roads and objects on the eastern part of London
  • Workmen in the iron shield
  • A side view of the tunneling
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