Left: Luke Fildes. "Men of the Day. No. 552." by Sir Leslie Ward ('Spy'), 1851-1922. Chromolithograph. Published in Vanity Fair, 24 December 1892. 35.9 cm by 24.2 cm (14 ⅛ by 9 ½ inches), framed. © National Portrait Gallery, No. D44626, by kind permission. Right: Fildes's painting, The Doctor. [Click on the images to enlarge them, and for more information about The Doctor.] — Philip V. Allingham

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S. Luke Fildes: Works (1844-1927)


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Spy [Sir Leslie Ward]. "He Painted 'The Doctor'. Luke Fildes ['Men of the Day, No. 552.']" Vanity Fair (24 December 1892). Caricature.

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