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Whole Window

East Window, St Peter's Church, Staines

The east window of St Peter's Church, Laleham Road, Staines, Surrey, in situ, by Edward Arthur Fellowes Prynne (1854-1921), executed by James Jennings (Eberhard), presumably of the firm of John J. Jennings (1848-1919) of south London. The general theme of this window, which is both "very rich in colour and full in composition," is "Christ Triumphant," and it is remarkable for having "besides that of Christ, 112 figures, including saints, angels, children and symbolic animals" (Taylor, Souvenir, 13). Not the first stained glass window to be put in, it was installed here in September 1901, and described by the church's founder and benefactor Sir Edward Clarke as being, with the Nativity window "as beautiful as any modern glass he had ever seen" (qtd. in Taylor, Souvenir, 13).

Closer views of the Windows

(a) The two left-hand lights. (b) The three central lights (taken by JB). (c) The two right-hand lights.

The left-hand lights show St Peter top left holding a shining key, just below the angels with their harps; various other figures from Biblical or church history; and, in the lower row, first Adam in the Garden of Eden with his strategically placed fig leaf, Noah with a model of the ark and Abraham with his knife ready to sacrifice Isaac; and then in the second light, King David with his harp, and Joshua, looking very stern and determined.

Adam, Noah and Abraham (taken by JB).

The central panel of the middle three lights shows the dove representing the Holy Spirit above a radiant Christ enthroned on a rainbow, with angels either side and motifs from the Book of Revelations just below, including the Lamb. To the left are Mary and Joseph, and to the right are John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene, while the lower sections of the three lights depict the Archangels Raphael, in a red cloak; Michael with the dragon under his feet; and Gabriel in white (see Welcome).

The right-hand windows show St Paul, top right, with a sword (the instrument of his martyrdom); other figures from Biblical or church history; then, in the lower row, moving across the two lights: Moses with the tablet of the Ten Commandments and the brazen serpent, and King Solomon, richly attired and holding a model of his splendid temple; Ruth with a sheaf of corn, Sarah in earnest prayer, and a bare-breasted Eve among flowers, looking down at the apple in her left hand, apparently listening to the serpent.

More Details

Left: David and Joshua from the second light on the left-hand side (taken by JB). Left: Moses, King Solomon, Ruth, Sarah and Eve from the windows on the right-hand side.

Like so much else, this window and the Nativity window together, costing £1000, were given by Sir Edward (Taylor, Centenary, 15). Part of the effect of the east window, though difficult to see in the top picture here, comes from the tiny faces peeping through the tracery. Some are evidently cherubs, but some may possibly commemorate members of Sir Edward's family — after whom the eight church bells were named.

Other Stained Glass Windows in St Peter's, Staines


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