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Whole Window

Nativity Window, St Peter's Church, Staines

The Nativity Window at St Peter's Church, Laleham Road, Staines, Surrey, by Edward Arthur Fellowes Prynne (1854-1921), executed by James Jennings (Eberhard), presumably from the firm of John J. Jennings (1848-1919) of south London, for which Prynne was an "outside" designer ("Architects and Artists"). Installed in the south transept in September 1901. Like the east window, it was the gift of the church's founder and benefactor Sir Edward Clarke. The two windows were described by Sir Edward as being "as beautiful as any modern glass he had ever seen" (qtd. in Taylor, Souvenir, 13).


(a) The three kings in the left-hand light. (b) Mary and Joseph in the central light. (c) A shepherd boy with his offering in the right-hand light.

As John Taylor says, "It would have been unthinkable for a church of this size not to have stained glass windows" (Centenary, 13). These details show Prynne working in the PreRaphaelite tradition, with great attention to the natural scenes in the background, as well as to the costumes of the various figures present.

Other Stained Glass Windows in St Peter's, Staines


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