The Michael York and John Bell Young Recording (2002)

In October 2002 Americus Records released a new recording of Richard Strauss's Enoch Arden, a melodrama for piano and narrator set to the poem of Alfred Lord Tennyson. The distinguished Shakespearian, as well as celebrated stage and film actor, Michael York is joined by pianist John Bell Young in this performance, which marks the first recording of the work with a renowned actor since Claude Rains teamed up with Glenn Gould more than 40 years ago. What Michael York brings to his interpretation of Enoch is extraordinary for its intimacy and poignancy. And while contemporary scholarship no longer regards Enoch Arden as one of Tennyson's best efforts in narrative poetry, it may be that Michael York's interpretation may give pause to devotees of the genre to reconsider the work's overall effect, codifying, as it does, Victorian word-painting.

Messieurs York and Young planned to perform Enoch Arden from time to time during 2002 in the US and in Europe, sometimes as benefits for deserving arts institutions, and also in conjunction with a showing of the 1915 silent film, Enoch Arden, by William Christy Cabanne and D.W. Griffiths, starring Lillian Gish and Wallace Reid.

Those interested can visit the websites of Michael York and John Bell Young for additional information as the release date draws closer. Should your institution be interested in hosting a performance, please get in touch with Identity Marketing for Concert Artists, Inc. (IMCA) at which will pass your proposal on to John Bell Young and Michael York, and their agents, for consideration.

The Michael Ducarel and Martin Cousin Recording (2003)

The CD is available from Michael Ducarel, 14B Kennington Oval, London, SE11 5SG, U. K. E-mail:

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