Notwithstanding the ruthless spirit of innovation, Bristol can yet show a dozen ancient churches and some considerable remains of monastic and domestic architecture to interest the antiquary. Anglo-Norman work will be found at St. James's Priory Church, at St. Peter’s, and at All Saints' Churches, but the most extensive remains are at the Cathedral. The only domestic relic in that style are some arches and pillars of Col- ston's house now forming part of the Law Library of the New Assize Courts.

We find some beautiful Early English at Redcliff, St. Philip’s and St. Mark's Churches ; also at the Cathedral ; monastic remains of that period will be found nt St. Bartholomew's Priory, Christmas Street, and at the Dominican Priory, Merchant Street. A chamber of the Castle, in Tower Street, is a good specimen of thirteenth century work, and a stout gateway of the old walled town of the same epoch may be seen at the eud of St. John’s Street. — “Bristol Illustrated” in the 1878 Graphic

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