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Born in London, the son of an artist-craftsman. Early sculptor member of Arts and Crafts movement. Studied under Dalou at Lambeth School of Art; at R.A. Schools, 1881-85 (gold medal and travelling scholarship, 1885) Studied under Mercie in Paris, later went to Rome. First exhibited at R.A., 1885, also showed at Arts & Crafts exhibitions from 1888. Executed marble version of Leighton's Athlete and Python and did much decorative work in collaboration with architects, eg. bronze figure Agriculture on Vauxhall Bridge and Gladstone statue in House of Commons.

A.R.A. 1907, R.A. 1917. [British Sculpture 1850-1914]

Allegorical, mythological, and other single figures

Pomery memorial

Memorial figures and busts

Bas reliefs and medallions

Architectural sculpture

Works not illustrated on this site


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