Religious Subjects

Subject Pictures (non-religious)

Fancy Pictures

Portraits in various media

Landscapes including watercolors

  • The Apple Harvest — Valley of the Rhone (no image)
  • Athens (no image)
  • Corfu [illustration]
  • The Festival of St. Swithin
  • The Great Pyramid, 1854 [illustration]
  • Mahomedan Festival at Jerusalem [illustration]
  • Nazareth (no image)
  • Our English Coasts, 1852 (Strayed Sheep) [discussionillustration]
  • The Plain of Esdralon(no image)
  • The Plain of Esdralon from the Heights above Nazareth (no image)
  • Ponte Vecchio [illustration]
  • Sunset at Chimalditi (no image)
  • The Terrace, Berne [illustration]


  • London Bridge on the Night of the Marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales (1863). (no image)
  • Love at First Sight (1846). (no image)
  • The Nile Postman (1892). (no image)
  • The Ship (1875). [illustration]
  • Morning Prayer. [illustration]

2. Watercolors (exclusive of landscapes)

Writings and works in other visual media

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