Gladiators Preparing for the Arena. John Tenniel. Wood engraving. Punch (2 February 1867). Click on image to enlarge it.

On the left Gladstone brandishes a trident with the words "Three [c]ourses” on the handle, and next to him stands a diminutive Palmerston, who holds weights with the years 1832, 1852, 1854, and 1866 (years in which various enfranchisement bills were introduced). Meanwhile Disraeli sharpens a sword on the opposite side of the grindstone. John Bright punches away at “Aristocracy” on the far right, and behind him stands John Stuart Mill holding a goblet bearing the word “logic.” Lord Derby, Lord John Russell, and other notable political figures appear scatted throughout the cartoon as well. — George P. Landow

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