The Reformation

Frontispiece, Youth's Magazine; or, Evangelical Miscellany


John Hay Library, Brown University

The image on the frontispiece illustrates the text on p. 200 and has the following caption: "She took an opportunity when they were alone of throwing herself upon her knees at their feet and with a voice interrupted by sobs imploring their pardon for the uneasiness she had given them &tc."The mother against whom the repentant child leans looks at her with an intense expression while the father seems to stare ahead in thoughtfulness. Next him a large book, almost certainly the family Bible, lies open on a table, while several other books and the father's top hat rest on a sideboard or cabinet. Behind the figures appear a framed mirror and a painting. These objects, like the sofa on which the well-dressed mother sits, establish the prosperity and class position of the family. The frontispiece with its kneeling girl is juxtaposed with the image of a kneeling boy on the title-page. — George P. Landow

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