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*Cover for Monthly Parts

Frontispiece, "Portrait of Charles Dickens from a Painting by Daniel Maclise, A. R. A. (published in serial with the last number), engraved by Finden (October 1839)

1. I. A. Mr. Ralph Nickleby's First Visit to His Poor Relations (April 1838), Chapter 3

2. II.B. The Yorkshire Schoolmaster at The Saracen's Head (April 1838), Chapter 4

3. I. A. Nicholas Starts for Yorkshire (May 1838), Chapter 5

4. II. B. The Five Sisters of York (May 1838), Chapter 6

5. I. A. The Internal Economy of Dotheboys Hall (June 1838), Chapter 8

6. II. B. Kate Nickleby Sitting to Miss La Creevy (June 1838), Chapter 10

7. I. IV. A. Newman Noggs Leaves the Ladies in the Empty House (July 1838), Chapter 11

8. Il. IV. B. Nicholas Astonishes Mr. Squeers and Family (July 1838), Chapter 13

9. I. V. A. Nicholas Engaged as Tutor in a Private Family (August 1838), Chapter 16

10. Il. V. B. Madame Mantalini Introduces Kate to Miss Knag (August 1838), Chapter 17

11. I. VI. A. Miss Nickleby Introduced to her Uncle's Friends (September 1838), Chapter 19

12. Il. VI. B. Mr. Ralph Nickleby's "Honest" Composure (September 1838), Chapter 20

13. I. VII. A. The Professional Gentlemen at Madame Mantalini's (October 1838), Chapter 21

14. Il. VII. B. The Country Manager Rehearses a Combat (October 1838), Chapter 22

15. I. VIII. A. The Great Bespeak for Miss Snevellicci (November 1838), Chapter 24

16. Il. VIII. B. Nicholas Instructs Smike in the Art of Acting (November 1838), Chapter 25

17, I. IX. A. Affectionate Behaviour of Messrs. Pyke and Pluck (December 1838), Chapter 27

18. Il. IX. B. Nicholas Hints at the Probability of His Leaving the Company (December 1838), Chapter 29

19. I. X. A. Theatrical Emotion of Mr. Vincent Crummles (January 1839), Chapter 30

20. II. X. B. Nicholas Attracted by the Mention of His Sister's Name in the Coffee-Room (January 1839), Chapter 32

21. I. XI. A. Mr. and Mrs. Mantalini in Ralph Nickleby's Office (February 1839), Chapter 34

22. Il. XI. B. Emotion of Mr. Kenwigs on Hearing the Family News from Nicholas(February 1839), Chapter 36

23. I. XII A. Mr. Linkinwater Intimates His Approval of Nicholas (March 1839), Chapter 37

24. IIXII. B. A Sudden Recognition, Unexpected on Both Sides (March 1839), Chapter 38

25. I.XIII. Nicholas Recognizes the Young Lady Unknown (April 1839), Chapter 40

26. II.XIII. B. The Gentleman Next Door Declares His Passion for Mrs. Nickleby (April 1839), Chapter 41

27. I.XIV. A. Mr. Mantalini Poisons Himself for the Seventh Time (May 1839), Chapter 44

28. II.XIV. B. Mr. Snawley Enlarges on Parental Instinct (May 1839), Chapter 45

29. I.XV. A. Nicholas Makes His First Visit to Mr. Bray (June 1839), Chapter 46

30. II.XV. B. The Consultation (June 1839), Chapter 47

31. I.XVI. A. Mysterious Appearance of the Gentleman in Small-Clothes (July 1839), Chapter 49

32. ll. XVI. B. The Last Brawl between Sir Mulbery and His Pupil (July 1839), Chapter 50

33. I.XVIl. A. Great Excitement of Miss Kenwigs at the Hairdresser's Shop (August 1839), Chapter 52

34. Il.XVII. B. Nicholas Congratulates Arthur Gride on His Wedding Morning (August1839), Chapter 54

35. I.XVIIl. A. Mrs. Squeers and Mrs. Sliderskew Unconscious of Visitors (September 1839), Chapter 57

**36. Il.XVIII. B. The Recognition(September 1839), Chapter 58

**37. I.XIX-XX. A. Reduced Circumstances of Mr. Mantalini (September 1839), Chapter 64

**38. Il.XIX-XX. B. The Breaking-up of Dotheboys Hall (October 1839), Chapter 64

39. IlI.XIX-XX. C. The Children at their Cousin's Grave (October 1839), Chapter 65.

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