Left to right: (a) Joe Gargery and Pip. by Felix O. C. Darley. (b) Joe Gargery by Charles Pears. (c) "Why, here's a J," said Joe, "and a O equal to anythink'" by F. A. Fraser.

Three illustrations by Harry Furniss — Left to right: (a) Pip Does Not Enjoy His Christmas Dinner. (b) At Mrs. Gargery's Funeral. (c) Joe Indites a Note to Biddy.

Joe and Orlick

Left to right: (a) Old Orlick Among the Cinders. by Marcus Stone. (b) Orlick . . . . was very soon among the coal-dust, and in no hurry to come out of it by F. A. Fraser. (c) [Orlick . . . very soon among the coal-dust] by Charles Green.

Left to right: (a) In the Forge after Magwitch's Capture. by Charles Green. (b) "Do you take tea, or coffee, Mr. Gargery?" by F. A. Fraser.

Joe with Mrs Joe and with Biddy

(a) Mrs. Gargery on the Ram-page by Felix O. C Darley. (b) The Old Place by the Kitchen Firelight by F. W. Pailthorpe.

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